dilluns, 13 d’abril de 2015

My Experience by Leah Allen (Conversation Assistant teacher at Mare del Diví Pastor Capellades)

 When I started this program I knew I wanted a different experience but I wasn't sure what I was going to get. Because in Canada my life is very busy and tiring working with preschool and nursery children, being involved with my family, friends, the gym, and meet up events! Being here has changed my life with making friends, and I'm getting an amazing experience so far! I have made so many friends from the program and others from my town and other programs similar to mine. I feel that I am very lucky to be in the host that I am in because they are very nice. Gratefully they are letting me stay with them for the whole time! They treat me like I'm part of their family, let me do whatever I want, have showed me around, and we have brought English into the family because since I've been here they have been speaking English a lot more. They have also been teaching me Spanish and Catalan too. We have been spending time together with meals, movies, families, showing me around and games.

My town is very small but it's nice with very nice people, and nice areas to hangout in and walk around in like the mountains and centre. At school I'm also getting a wonderful experience my tutor and the other English teachers, they are really nice and are always helpful. I am getting the experience to work in the whole school, the children and teachers are nice they mostly speak Catalan and Spanish, however the students and English teachers speak English with me. I am working with three English teachers and from ages 3-16. All the kids are very sweet, nice and fun!

I have got the chance to experience some very interesting and amazing Catalan traditions with my host family, with the life I'm living with them, at home. The extended family, the food and the holidays I've been experiencing with them so far! I had the chance to experience Christmas time with them and their extended families. I've experienced some Catalan Christmas traditions which were wonderful because it was my first Christmas away from my family in Canada so I got see and eat very different food. I also experienced the traditions with the Tió, and the three kings party! During that time I got a chance to go to Madrid with another cap; we spent a weekend there and it was a very beautiful city!

I also have been going to Barcelona a lot with my friends, I have met people from England, Canada, and the US I feel that they are also very nice and like I can always talk to them about anything, we are having a lot of fun together: going shopping, touristy stuff around the city and surrounding areas. In my town I have been also involved in jogging in the mountains on my own and with my friend I got to do a five km in my town on Christmas morning and a 13km with my friend and her tutor on mount Montserrat. I have also been doing zumba and aerobics classes. It makes me feel more in my normal routine, and gives me some things to do.

With the school and family also got the chance to do and show them some things from Canada and make a Canadian meal with them and my friend which was really nice and yummy! I also experienced a carnival parade, with my school around the town, and saw a little of the carnival in another town close to Capellades. I experienced a market in my town with food, clothes, Catalan things and shows with my friends and family.

This experience has been amazing for me so far and I'm loving it! I'm really looking forward to what I'm going to experience in the next few months here! I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a different experience!

 Leah Allen

divendres, 10 d’abril de 2015

Un equip de “profes “ participa a la triatló

El passat divendres 27 de març es va celebrar la 25a. Edició de la triatló de l’IES en la que ja fa tres anys que la nostra escola hi col·labora i hi participa, de manera individual o per equips, amb els alumnes de l’ESO, ex-alumnes i professors.Aquest any l’equip de “profes” va quedar en segona posició de la categoria C mixta, a poc més de 30 segons d’un equip d’ex-alumnes i alumna, primers classificats. Els “profes” participants van ser:
Cursa a peu ( 2500 metres) Joana Morales.
Cursa en bici ( 5500 metres ) Josep Solé.
Cursa nedant ( una bassa ) Roser Rebollar.

Ja esperem el proper cur per tornar-hi a participar i gaudir d’aquesta espectacular festa esportiva.